Web3 is coming

Jan 11, 2022

When Alice fell down the rabbit hole, she discovered a parallel universe.

There is another parallel universe currently under construction.

It is a quiet but chaotic grassroots-driven muddle that is reaching into our living rooms and taking aim at some of the sacred cows of modern society.

The keyword for the future is ‘decentralized’. Most of a society’s operational mechanisms currently work on a ‘centralized’ model: finance, health, energy, supply-chains, education, real estate sales, insurance, even government functions.

Now imagine a world without intermediaries in many of these areas. You could send dollars to Uncle Bob without having to use a bank. You could buy your electricity directly from the producer without having to go through a utility company. You could purchase a property directly from the owner.

This possible future is being enabled by a bewildering array of technological advances, led by blockchain, and a large sprinkling of highly motivated individuals and corporations.

The landscape is evolving quickly and, although it seems surreal and is still quite primitive, it will become mainstream within the next decade.

What I do

I shall continue to wade through the zillions of online articles, pages, and events that are devoted to this emerging reality, and share here so that we can all learn together.

What you can do

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