Sign Art


Sign Art specializes in art.

Nuts and bolts
  • All artwork is certified for authenticity prior to upload using the Sign Web App.
  • Registered creators can create their own public portfolio or gallery and can submit an additional application to get approved once they have at least 3 artworks sold or for sale.
  • A 3D room experience is available for approved creators.
  • All files submitted by users are stored on IPFS.
  • The $SIGN token is required to manage profiles and creations and digital creations can be sold in $SIGN, $WAVES or $USDN.
  • All fees are fixed and there is no gas charged for transactions because of the efficiency of the Waves blockchain.
  • Marketplace charges:
    • $1 fee in SIGN tokens to certify and mint an artwork
    • 7% commission on all successful sales that occur using $SIGN tokens
    • 10% commission on sales that occur using $USDN and $WAVES.


Birth certificate

Launched in 2021

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