NFTWorlds NFT marketplace specializes in virtual land.

Nuts and bolts
  • NFTWorlds NFT marketplace is a collection of 10,000 unique worlds that make up a fully decentralized, massively multiplayer metaverse game where players own and can create experiences within each world. Each world is a completely unique procedurally generated 3D voxel world.
  • It is built with Minecraft’s open-source tools and mods, which provide access to the Minecraft open-source ecosystem. It is not associated with the Minecraft company.
  • Cross-platform support means that it is playable on Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo Switch game consoles as well as smartphones and tablets.
  • Worlds can be purchased or rented and then the building of a new metaverse can begin. There are NFT Worlds builders for hire to help with this. There are currently over 100 full-scale worlds being built with NFTWorlds.
  • $WRLD is the native crypto of NFTWorlds and is the in-game currency.


Birth certificate

Launched  2021

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