NFT Economy Update – Now THAT’S interesting!

Exploitation and fraud are rife in the world of diamond and gem mining and trading. More and more legitimate companies are recording the provenance of their gems and jewelry on the blockchain.

Singapore says 'Yes' to NFTs

High Court in Singapore has ruled that an NFT is property (NFT Evening Oct ’22). This is important because it means that in that jurisdiction an NFT is not regarded as an asset, which is an entirely different thing in law.

Can Web3 take on social media?

Can Web3 provide great social media experiences? DappRadar (Nov. ’22) looks at five protocols and projects that are entering the social media space. They’re conceptually different from the centralized Web 2.0 platforms and still in early stages.

NFTs: Wanted dead or alive

NFTs are dying but it’s good news (Medium Oct ’22). This article makes the point that the NFT is being rebranded as a digital collectible so that the speculative aspect is removed, as digital goods head for mass adoption.

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