Games Update – Big Wave on the Way!

So keen to get to market that a pre-Alpha release is considered a launch.

First Person Shooter (FPS) is a game genre where the player sees events from the perspective of the protagonist. The camera shows the character’s weapon, but not the rest of the character. Valorant and Counter-Strike are off-chain FPS. This video looks at 5 blockchain games that are ready to play now. Games list: filter by First Person Shooter.

This Play2Moon article showcases some of the best renditions of chess combined with NFTs. They are at varying stages of development, but some have marketplaces, so you can assemble your own chess set. Games list: filter by ‘Chess’.

Play-to-Earn is an innovation of blockchain gaming that is being built into many games. Is it a sustainable business model? This critique says there are 4 main reasons that play-to-earn games usually follow a rise/fall cycle:
– The money isn’t sustainable
– The games aren’t fun
– Human psychology of varying incentives
– They may not need to be on a blockchain

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