An NFT may provide the holder with some sort of privilege, right or reward if they invest in a project. Then again, it may just facilitate support for a cause. In this situation, the NFT is often referred to as a token.

Funding Movies

Producers of Project Iceman rejected US $1.25m offer in Dec. 2021 from a large streaming platform. They chose to retain artistic integrity and raise funds via NFTS with buyers becoming digital owners of the film.

Funding Movies

PLUSH is a French animated feature film due for release in 2023. Buyers of NFT tokens become co-producers who will receive a share of the film’s profits.

Funding Conservation

GainForest is a not-for-profit focused on reversing deforestation in places like the Amazon. Every donation is rewarded with an Impact Certificate (NFT) that captures live data (drone data, satellite imagery, conservation photography, wildlife cams and keeps track of the impact over time.

Funding Resistance

Ukraine had received close to US $100m in crypto donations by March 2022, when the country passed legislation enabling crypto exchanges to operate legally and allow banks to open accounts for crypto companies. A regulatory structure for digital assets.

Funding Political Activism

Web3 technology is being used by grassroots activists to reach a wider audience and fund their causes. See Pussy Riots’ lead singer speak on how it is contributing to their movement.

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