The corporate world is beginning to see value in combining a brand with NFTs in some way. Currently, the strategy is being deployed by famous luxury brands. We shall see further innovative marketing practices with the increase in consumer awareness.


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Prada’s Time Capsule NFT Collection combines a limited-edition physical item and a gifted NFT. Drop is on the first Thursday of each month, available for 24 hours. Also on OpenSea.


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Gucci combines with SuperRare marketplace to display the work of 29 artists who have reflected on Gucci’s past century.

High End Spirits

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There is an active investment market in collectible bottles of high-end spirits. BlockBar is a marketplace that solves some issues for collectors, such as sourcing and re-selling, by tying a product to an NFT. Think Johnnie Walker, Remy Martin, Penfolds.

Coachella Festival

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Organizers of the famous U.S. Californian Desert Festival have released NFTs to celebrate 20 years of festivals. 2022 attendees received a free In BloomNFT seed that blossomed into a virtual flower.


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McLaren is ‘exploring the future of performance in a digital realm.’ Their first NFT drop was in May 2022.

Barbie wears Balmain

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Mattel has released three NFT collections featuring Balmain and Barbie. Each NFT also unlocks a one-of-a-kind physical set of Barbie-sized Balmain pieces.


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Robert Mondavi wines have released NFTs for 1,966 bottles of wine in 1.5 litre limited-edition Limoges porcelain bottles. Bottles will be collector’s items with authenticity guaranteed by the blockchain mint.


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Adidas has partnered with well known NFT artists to ‘dress’ their characters in clothing that sports the Adidas logo.


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Afterpay teamed up with New York Fashion Week in 2022 to market a collection of six digital collectible keys. Each key also provided access to a unique experience or a limited edition item. Only the NFT key could be sold on the secondary market.

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