NeftyBlocks is a generalist marketplace.

Nuts and bolts
  • This marketplace has no gas fees.
  • Secondary market fees are shared with stakers of NEFTY tokens payable in WAXP.
  • Creators and collectors need a wax wallet, although there are additions planned so check the current situation.
  • Creators must have their collection whitelisted through NeftyBlock’s verification process.
  • NFTs that are listed, bought or sold through the NeftyBlocks marketplace are eligible for earning NEFTY rewards.
  • The NeftyBlocks team also sells its own NFTs, which have been whitelisted by AtomicHub, through this marketplace.

NeftyBlocks built a graphical interface to make drop creation easier for creators who did not speak ‘code’.
On the WAX Blockchain, any NFT listing on any marketplace is visible across all marketplaces on that blockchain.



Birth certificate

Launched 2021

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