Musicians can have more control over their creative output, their revenues, and their destiny. New formats; greater audience reach; innovative ways to interact with music lovers; different business models.  They can even get paid properly. What’s not to like!

NFT Record Label

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Mind Music

Mind Music is a real record label. It just happens to be NFT and crypto friendly. Some of the profit from their album releases goes towards suicide prevention and mental health charities.

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Back with the music


If you have a vague memory of Limewire, then you probably remember it from over a decade ago when it was a free peer-to-peer music download platform. Now it is back as an NFT marketplace for musicians. 

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Shared streaming rights

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Royal is championing a model where fans can partner with an artist and share in their success by investing in streaming rights and then earning revenue as the music streams.

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Listening parties

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Sound says their 165 artists have earned, and been paid, over $3.4 million since they launched less than a year ago. In the traditional music industry, that equates to over a billion streams. Check out their ‘Listening parties’.

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Subscription model

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The Musician Marketplace

Musicians pay for a Musician Marketplace subscription and get access to four specialized listings, hiring opportunities, as well as the ability to create NFTs where 100% of the price goes to the musician.

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Mystery Packs

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Packs are mystery boxes that contain multiple collectibles such as music tracks, mixtapes, video clips, static visuals, or production tutorials. They can be bought and sold on the marketplace.

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