Mintable NFT marketplace

Mintable is a generalist marketplace.

Nuts and bolts
  • Mintable is an open market that lists work in one of six major categories: Art, Music, Collectibles, Sports, Utilities, and Videos.
  • Creators can choose to:
    • mint on either Ethereum mainnet or ImmutableX – decision influences the price of gas fees.
    • have their own store on the Ethereum mainnet, which means they create a smart contract for their own use, then display their works in that store. A creator can have multiple stores.
    • mint and list an NFT in Mintable’s general store on the Ethereum mainnet for free.
  • Marketplace charges 2.5% per transaction unless they are having one of their ‘no fees’ months.
  • Creator decides the royalty for secondary market.
  • Mintable also offers Pro services to help with the marketing of NFTs that are on their marketplace.

There is a Mintable Academy, which is accessible after login, and extensive resources on how to use the marketplace. Mintable is sometimes called the Etsy of the NFT space.



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