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Jun 17, 2022

Mintable is a great place to discover NFTs and have fun at the same time.

Mintable positions as a marketplace for people new to the NFT space. It is an open marketplace, so any creator can freely upload their masterpiece. This is why it has an amazing array of visual work, much of which is excellent. There are also many items that encourage contemplation of the workings of the human mind.

This marketplace strives to assist creators to make a sale and has even built a widget that draws through images for sale on Mintable so that they can be displayed on the seller’s own website. Clever.


Mintable categories

The inventory is organized into categories with sub-categories, which is great because the structure makes sense to viewers. Only a few marketplaces use categories, so it is currently a competitive advantage for Mintable, even though it needs some TLC and a stronger search engine.

Things do get a bit confusing because the creator chooses the category for their work, and often their choice mystifies the viewer, so it is not always a reliable way to browse. Consider this one, which is classified under Collectible: Aliens. It is neither part of a collectible series nor is it relevant to aliens, but it is realistically priced – Ducks.

Sellers are encouraged to create a store so that a viewer can see all their work in one place. Creating a store means that a new smart contract is executed for that seller, so trading activity becomes traceable. This is another excellent idea that hasn’t been fully implemented yet as searching by ‘Store’ isn’t effective.

Guaranteed authentic
Mintable cross-references some items by checking their creator’s website or social media presence as well as verifying the linked smart contract.  This is an anti-scam mechanism. However, the website’s caveat makes it clear that they don’t actually guarantee anything at all, despite the phrase.

There are plenty of user-friendly resources to encourage engagement with the NFT space. These can be found via the Mintable Editorial link.

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