Marketplace Re-invented

Jun 14, 2022

Photo by Lisheng Chang / Unsplash


Most medieval-based novels have the main characters wandering around in a marketplace at some point during their adventures. The concept of a place to trade was around in 3000 BCE. Humans have always loved swapping, bartering, and trading stuff. We’re doing it again. First the blockchain, then crypto and the NFT. Things were good to go.

The digital creator economy genie is out of the bottle. It will not go back into oblivion. That would be un-invention, which is not a thing! This fledgling industry is a salute to humanity’s innate desire to explore and push the edges.

Individual motivation may be anything from an outlet for artistic expression to rampant greed. Actions range from strategic to fraudulent.

The future looks wobbly because the future always looks wobbly. Efforts to control or dominate the direction of the new digital creator economy are everywhere. Dire predictions and effusive visions abound.

Today, NFTs power the digital creator economy. Tomorrow, NFTs will be about many other things as well.

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