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LaCollection NFT marketplace specializes in digital fine art.

Nuts and bolts
  • Marketplace offers NFT artwork from organizations such as the British Museum, the Leopold Museum, and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.
  • Three ways to buy: open auction, blind auction, and fixed price. Prices are in Euro and ETH.
  • LaCollection NFTs are sold in editions. This is a set of NFTs that all share the same attributes but have unique token IDs: Ultra-rare (usually two editions), Super-rare (usually ten editions), Rare (usually 100 editions), Limited (usually 1,000 editions) or Common (usually 10,000 editions).
  • When an NFT is minted, metadata recorded on-chain includes artwork details, scarcity (Unique, Rare etc.), total number minted, the total number remaining to be purchased, and IPFS hash.
  • A collector receives the artwork as a 4K jpeg with a Certificate. They own the NFT but do not have any rights to the related physical object.
  • When gas fees are high, then NFT and ETH transfers can take up to a few days.


Birth certificate

Launched in 2021

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