NFT Ecosystem Basics

Every industry has its own terminology, priorities, and approaches. This section provides an overview of some of these for the emerging NFT ecosystem.

Connecting blockchains

Working out how to make one blockchain interact with another blockchain is the main game in town for both developers and corporations. Once this is achieved, then blockchain networks can join with each other and users will be able to move digital assets from one blockchain to another.

Interoperability : Why is cross-chain technology important?
Diego Geroni from 101Blockchains is able to explain complex concepts in a user-friendly way, and with great visuals. In this article (August 2021) he looks at why interoperability is important and sets out a case for its use in the Healthcare industry.

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Cross-chain interoperability: What it means for blockchain
Cryptopedia staff have written a user-friendly article (December 2020) that explains the ‘why’ and also how blockchain technology can use sidechains, oracles, and bridges to achieve interoperability.

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Watch Crypto expert explain the Blockchain to Congress (5.55 mins)

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