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Iced coffee?
Long black?

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Iced Coffee

Long Black

Classy Coffee

Coffee in my Sugar

Decaf Zombies offer you an NFT COFFEE to help in those moments when you really want a coffee but don’t have time to buy one or you’ve reached your self-imposed quota for the day. Put it on your smartphone and flick it on for a quick sip to help lower stress levels. Only 20 of each of these are available and each carries the DZ stamp. Once that number is reached there are no more copies of that artwork, so these NFTs may appreciate in value over time.

Why can’t I just ‘right-click’ and save the image?
It is the difference between owning an original and owning a print. The NFT you buy represents an unfakeable authenticated digital asset. It may appreciate. It may not. The original stays on the blockchain until you decide to sell it or transfer it to your offspring as part of their inheritance because it is now worth a motza.

After you have purchased an NFT, we recommend that you right-click and save it to your phone or computer. This gives you a readily accessible gallery of your own collection. Great talking point. The original is still on the blockchain assigned to you.


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