NFT Ecosystem Basics

Every industry has its own terminology, priorities, and approaches. This section provides an overview of some of these for the emerging NFT ecosystem.

Bitcoin Backstory

There were several people who researched particular facets of the challenge of developing virtual money, then Satoshi Nakamoto pulled it all together – and the rest is now history.

A history of Bitcoin’s most illuminating moments [Infographic]
Marshall Taylor, writing for CoinCentral (March 2019), has turned the early days of Bitcoin’s development into an infographic (image above). An excellent way to get a visual take on the timeline.

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Bitcoin genesis block
Binance Academy provides a straightforward explanation of Bitcoin’s genesis block, including the original hash, the hidden message, and the timestamp.  The genesis block had a reward of 50 BTC that is forever unspendable – but no one knows why.

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