Axie Infinity


Digital assets for the Axie Infinity gaming universe.

Nuts and bolts
  • Axie Infinity is an online game universe based on small creatures known as Axies.
  • A player buys three Axies to commence play, and then can buy land, join battles, add new features or buy products as NFTs, using the in-house token (AXS).
  • A player can resell Axie NFTs and also swap any crypto tokens that they earn while playing the game for fiat currency.
  • The game runs on the Ronin Network, which is an Ethereum sidechain. This was built specifically for gaming by the owners of Axie Infinity because online gaming has a high frequency of transaction confirmations. 

Axie Infinity is recognized as a leader in play-to-earn (P2E) gaming. As of March 2022, Axie Infinity generated $4.17 billion in all-time NFT sales (Investopedia).

Sky Mavis (current owners) hopes to hand over governance to the community of AXS holders by October 2023 and has launched the AxieDAO.


Ronin Network, which is an Ethereum sidechain.

Birth certificate

Vietnam in 2018

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