Async. NFT marketplace specializes in interactive and generative art & music.

  • Collectors are able to purchase both Masters and Layers of the artwork.
  • There is a link to a frame partner for programmable art so that a collector can view changes to their art over time and also instructions on how to display on AppleTV.
  • The marketplace also trades ‘Blueprints’, which are collections generated from a single source.
  • Creators must apply to be on this marketplace.

Programmable art is a digital painting split into “Layers”. The Master layer is like a 1/1 art edition. Layers are individual components that make up the Master image. Layers are endowed with special abilities decided by the artist. The Master will continually check its Layers and update its appearance based on the Layer owner’s input. When something is changed on a Layer, the change reflects on the Master regardless of who owns it.

Async music has the ability to change its composition. A song is broken down into separate layers called Stems. A collector can choose multiple variants of Stems, so a single track contains many unique combinations of sounds.



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