Art Blocks

Mintable NFT marketplace

Art Blocks NFT marketplace specializes in generative art.

  • Collector picks a style, pays for the work, and a randomly generated version is created by an algorithm and sent to their Ethereum account. The NFT contains a ‘seed’ that controls variables in the generative script. Each output is different. Examples of variables are color, radius, or shape.
  • Three options:
    • Art Blocks Curated: submissions are approved by the curation board before they go live.
    • Art Blocks Playground: works by creators who have had work approved for the curated selection and are launching another project.
    • Art Blocks Factory: creators who do not wish to wait for approval from the Curation Board use this place to launch their generative art.
    • Art Blocks maintains a public calendar of events and releases.


Birth certificate

U.S.A in 2020

How to check you are buying Art Blocks from VERIFIED collections on OpenSea.

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