Abris NFT Marketplace specializes in digital art.

Nuts and bolts
  • Unique event tickets and physical assets can also be minted as NFTs.
  • Potential creators must have an Algo wallet and submit personal information to gain registration.
  • Once a store has been created, then a creator can upload promo images and videos.
  • Creators are also encouraged to add a story when they list an NFT to assist with sales.
  • Transactions can be carried out in algo (Algorand’s cryptocurrency) and USDC.
  • Marketplace charges:
    • Minting an NFT: 0.001 algo
    • Primary sales: 10% of selling price
    • Buying an NFT: 0.2002 algo transaction fee
  • Royalty on secondary sales: 5% while on this marketplace

Abris offers a paid white-glove service to help creators and companies to set up a store and mint, sell and buy their NFTs.



Birth certificate

Launched 2021


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