Trying to make sense of NFT-land started as a curiosity. Solving the ‘This is all too hard’ problem quickly grew into a passion. So was born the NFT Directory.

An OG Internet Tragic

Marilyn Harvey


Marilyn had an epiphany when she watched her teenage daughter on the internet in 1997. It showed blurry green letters crawling across a black screen, and she saw the vast potential. The world would change because we could now connect anyone, anywhere. Marilyn became one of Australia’s elearning champions and was a guest speaker at numerous national and international conferences. Her interest in the psychology that drives the blockchain-enabled revolution means that she now writes about the chaotic muddle that is currently Web3.

Teacher by day...human by night

Miriam Scott


Miriam is a secondary educator specializing in Digital Education and Business. She is acknowledged as an innovator in her field and speaks at seminars and workshops about her work with both adults and teenagers. Miriam has a special interest in the relationship between mental wellbeing, social media, and the online environment. Cryptocurrency, NFTs and all things blockchain are a natural fit with her professional expertise as they combine the digital and business worlds.

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